7 best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers

Vaporizers can be the most secure, purest and best approach to smoke Medicinal marijuana. There are a great deal of portable vaporizers in the market. After some extensive research, trial and error below are the 7 best portable marijuana vaporizers to choose from for your medical cannabis needs, hand-picked for you to check out.

Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers

Arizer Air Portable Herbal Vaporizer 

This is an incredibly convenient vaporizer that has a minimized plan and cutting-edge highlights.


The Arizer heats up at 2 minutes, before you start using it.

It’s chamber comprises of stainless steel that is made to effectively vaporize your marijuana due to the fact that its heat distribution is smooth.

The Arizer Air additionally has a cutting-edge ceramic heating system.

  This element enables this vaporizer to be utilized with up to five temperature levels.

There are likewise five shading coded heat settings that are incorporated into this gadget so you can pick the one that is best suited for your herbs.

Besides, it’s glass mouthpiece upgrades the nature of vapour and provides you with a superior taste of your marijuana.

It is a basic, simple to utilize vaporizer that suits medical patients.

Dry Herb

Price: $131.24

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FocusVape Pro Portable Vaporizer


 This is a propelled dry herb vaporizer that offers an extensive variety of temperature settings ranging from 80°C to 240°C which is extraordinary for medical marijuana usage.7 best portable marijuana vaporizers

  The ceramic heating chamber of the focusvape pro takes into account a nice looking glass convection.

  Medical cannabis is great with a ceramic chamber due to its ability to smoothly distribute heat.

  Its glass mouthpiece allows you to drag sufficient amount of vapor.

  Prior to its highlights, this vaporizer accompanies a glass bubbler that calms the heated vapor from the gadget. The outcome of this leads to a subtle drag that cures the throat of the smoker.

Contingent upon the particular therapeutic guidance, obviously, this might be appropriate for the individuals who utilize medical marijuana to fight throat malignancy.

Dry Herb

Price: $119.00

(Not available at the moment)

Boundless CFX


  The CFX utilizes both dry herbs or concentrates. 

  When it comes to booting, the CFX boots evenly within 20 seconds at most elevated setting, making sure you don’t spill the weed and in return, you get an even, solid, fulfilling smoke from beginning to end.

  When it comes to charging this device, you’ll notice that it takes about 30 minutes to charge. At full charge you can use it for 10– 15 five-minute sessions with no worry.

  What’s more, it’s super-effective. The Temperature range is between 100– 430°F. Yet, even at any temperature setting, the quality of the vapor is still at its best.

  The CFX has a LED light and a clock which shows your battery percentage and important notifications.

If Price, adaptability and usability are your fundamental needs then that makes the Boundless CFX an incredible everyday cannabis vape for you.

Dry Herb

Price: $179.99

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PAX 3 Portable Vaporizer Kit


  The PAX 3 is a beautifully designed vaporizer which enables you to appreciate buds or oil, contingent upon your temperament and what’s accessible.

  It heats up at 15-20 seconds which is superb. The Pax 3 has diverse heating modes which take into consideration distinctive vaping encounters and flavour satisfaction.

  Some of its points of interest incorporate a Bluetooth cell phone control, and a substantially more watchful method for heating weed.

Moreover, it vibrates and looks extremely cool, It furthermore accompanies various distinctive colour plans for your satisfaction.

Dry Herb 


Price: $199.99

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Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer


  The Firefly 2 is a super-thin, quick heating convection vape which has 5 settings for dry herb and one for wax concentrates. Weighing pretty much 140g, the firefly can be effectively conveyed because of its little size.

It has a 2-year guarantee, and it arrives in a pack of various colors.

  The Firefly 2 has certain focal points which incorporates a particle filtering device in its mouthpiece and the capacity for it to heat up in only three seconds.

  The Pax 3 can further be controlled using its app which can be downloaded on the app store and google play store.

Dry Herb


Price: $329.95

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DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer


  The DaVinci Ascent is a vape pen for genuine smokers.

  The Ascent has a 3-hour rechargeable battery which puts it among the top vaporizers with the longest battery life.

  Other than the long battery life, the ascent has an all glass vapor path and a precise temperature control.

It’s important to note with the Ascent, you can vape both herbs and oil so you needn’t bother buying two vaporizers.

Dry Herb


Price: $199.99

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G Pen Elite Portable Vaporizer


The G Pen Elite Portable Vaporizer is a standout amongst other little vaporizer pen made specifically for herbs. It Weights around 0.55Ibs makes the G pen light and ergonomic.

  It has an extensive variety of temperatures to look over, going from 200 to 428 °F to suit your vapor and flavour inclinations.

  The G pen moreover has a prudent ceramic chamber for warming weed and a rechargeable battery.

  The G Pen Elite is exceptionally well known in light of the fact that it offers a considerable measure of significant worth for less cash than numerous other comparative vaporizers, it likewise offers convection/conduction warming frameworks.

  Also, It accompanies a 1-year guarantee on the electronic parts.

Dry Herb 

Price: $119.95

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K-Vape Model 2.0 Portable Vaporizer


  The K-Vape is a basic spending alternative which is awesome for learners. It heats herbs at temperatures between 360-420 ° F.

  You can fill it up with more than 4 grams of weed and still appreciate it and additionally use it for up to 4 hours.

  The outside of the K-Vape is matte-dark elastic, and it’s without BPA.

The K-Vape is good for learners and it accompanies a lifetime guarantee, yet individuals who need something straightforward and convenient will enjoy it as well.

Dry Herb

Price: $99.95

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Don’t know much about vaping and you want to learn more? Read about the benefits of vaping medical cannabis <<here>>

Have you tried any of these models before? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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