Take a tour of the Aurora Cannabis production facility (in 4K)

Pot profits predicted to soar with legalization on the horizon, so here’s what a facility made to capitalize on the gains will look like.
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Peter discusses pot penny stocks and all these top marijuana companies right now.

There are lessons to learn, and ways to be careful for the coming crash. While many of these MJ and cannabis companies are much better than others, the whole pot penny stocks play is excessively crowded right now. Investors are over-paying for shares, and there will be a cannabis crash any week now.

Learn more about the types of pot penny stocks you should be buying, and those cannabis companies you should avoid!

Make sure to learn more about these, and all types of penny stocks which you should avoid, and others you should invest in.

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  1. Interesting & also horrible to see how something so simple as growing marijuana can be turned into something so industrially grotesque. Nasty!

  2. On what planet does this dude think he can sell a lb of mids for $8 grand that's over $18/gram without wholesale pricing

  3. Grow your own… all of these gov run approved growers I truly hope go bankrupt… it's easy people grow 3 large plants in 30 gall soft bags each at home and you will have all you need for a year for medicine and these big corporate BS growers can go F Off…. wake up… no man or woman [those words are important] requires ANY licesnse from our SERVANTS…. or a corrupt SERVICES corporation [CANADA, ONTARIO, MANITOBA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, QUEBEC, SASKATCHEWAN ECT…. all Governments are just CORPORATIONS providing SERVICES to we the people… they can't make ANY laws against us… legal= anything incorporated…. lawful=NOT INCORPORATED…. learn the difference the entire legal system is FRAUD!!!! It was set up on YOUR IGNORANCE to who you really are and WHAT has been done to US ALL WHEN BORN in hospital [unlawful conversion of your given name into a CORPORATION]… that is why you see your name in ALL CAPS on Gov id and BANK accounts YOU DO NOT OWN IT… the Queen and here mercenaries [bar] use this deciet against you in ALL our public courthouses…. look up "a planned trespass by Christopher j" on youtube and go to http://www.annavonreitz.com a real common law judge who has blown the lid off ALL of this corruption… take control of you life and help others. Sorry… but NO one needs any licenses to grow what God put on this planet for ALL…

  4. Commercial….multi million dollar factory….interesting…unsure if it's real or put together..to look real…just some of the busy people in "rooms"…looking like students…or extras…did not look normal….but here follow me…no….this way…oops…

  5. Ditch the LP weed! Inflated prices, pesticide laced, and the quality is not nearly as good as smaller craft growers. Best solution is to grow your own. Its easy and FAR cheaper. I even started a grow series to prove just how simple it can be. Stay safe guys!

  6. Thanks for the help Peter. My goal is to get rich trading penny stocks, going to a cannabis legal country and smoking and eating a lot of cannabis. 😀

  7. I wish I found out about your videos and wisdom sooner. I bought quit a few of mjna stocks at 0,176$ and they are now at 0,094$….😡. I was thinking about waiting for it to go up before selling them but from what I understand of your videos I should sell right away and take the my loss?

  8. Glad I decided to watch the whole presentation, more people receive info about cannabis shares are going to rise

  9. 12:54 They don't know what they're doing, they just like the idea of marijuana. It's just some guy and his wife and 4 other people packing marijuana boxes in a factorty somewhere. Lmao Peter does it again.

  10. Peter, I really appreciate your effort to warn people. Your videos about marijuana stocks are priceless. I will read your book about penny stocks in the next days. Once in my past I was rescued from a terrible "investment" by a man who was as honest as you. I am thankful for everyone who uses youtube to help people and shows where the scammers and financial criminals are. Please keep on posting your videos. Thank you.

  11. You are right about many companies having bad balance sheets. So which marijuana stocks if any are not overvalued? Would you go for well-established or diversified companies that are unlikely to go bankrupt and they are not drowning in excessive debt or almost no revenue?

  12. enjoying your videos btw. I know this is Penny stock but how do you feel about SMG getting into the nutrients side of the growing of MJ.

  13. Peter-On the stocks that you give out to your subscribers are they daytrading or swing stocks? How long is the average hold? Tommy

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