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Heating cannabis without burning it — that’s vaporizing. This heat releases THC vapor and other active ingredients into the air. This vapor gets you just as medicated as smoking a joint, but instead it virtually eliminates all the harmful smoke toxins found using joints, pipes or bongs. Warming marijuana just before it burns turns out to be a great way to enjoy this wonderful plant.

How to Vaporize — Step by step

Here we are using a good plugin vaporizer, Da Buddha, to show the basic vaporization process with medical cannabis:

  1. step 1: warm-up your vape

    Turn on your vaporizer to warm-up the heating element. Patience is a virtue, so wait until it’s hot and ready.

  2. step 2: grind your herb

    Grind the herb to a fine-ish consistency. Most vapes work better with fine grinds, so take a few extra seconds to find a nice consistency.

  3. step 3: load your vape

    Load vaporizer with herb; here we use Da Buddha’s wand to inhale and suck up the ground weed against the screen inside. Now it’s loaded.

  4. step 4: inhale the vapors slowly

    Insert the wand inside the heating element and inhale slowly. Use steady breaths to draw the warm vapor into your mouth and lungs. Don’t be distracted, find focus and be attentive.

ideal vaporization temperature is between 356-392°F
More about vape temps

How is a Vaporizer Healthier than Smoking?

Vaporizers heat cannabis to temperatures below the point of burning. Instead of releasing toxic smoke, vaporizers deliver pure, clean THC vapor that’s just as potent.

Is Weed Bad for You?

Cannabis itself isn’t harmful; it’s the smoke that gets you. Burning marijuana releases over 111 known air-born toxins and compounds. Studies have found that pot smokers face higher risk of bronchitis and respiratory infections, but this risk comes from smoke byproducts and not cannabinoids themselves.

Why Else Should You Vaporize?

Vaporizing can help you relax and focus on the medication and effects of the cannabis. When smoking, it’s easy to be more focused on the harshness of the smoke, getting a drink of water or fresh air to combat the effects of the smoke and heat. It’s a little distracting, messy and a lot more smelly. But vaping can be a more mellow experience overall, mostly it just feels like you’re breathing in air.

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